1. 杭州Hangzhou

    相片中的杭州 | Hangzhou in camera

  2. 布拉格Prague

  3. 钱塘江日落

  4. 花落花起


  5. 雨后静物

  6. 九寨沟

    As submerged by grey modern city, I can't forget the blue water of Jiuzhai Valley, and the wide green of Ruoergai pra...

  7. Lives around us

    I bring a Canon Powershot S110 camera with me all the time. It's tiny but professional, as it's able to output RAW im...

  8. Restoring my drawing skill

    Tomb Raider 9 is really a good game, as I have been attracted greatly by the courage, beautity, health and justice of...

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